Dear Summer 2020

Welp.. the bars and music venues are still without entertainment out here in H-Town, Texas as we finish out Summer 2020. The planet is getting a needed break from our human pollution for a while… good stuff. Also getting a pause on the hustle & bustle, but we’ll be back in motion soon enough.

Here’s a few pics I took for a blog post about getting back to normal, just hadn’t happened yet. We got a pass here to get back in the mix but it was carried out irresponsibly in my opinion. The original post was going to include conversations I had with fellow freelancer / gig economists about communication between their clients with any solutions to maintain those relationships. I didn’t write that blog post due to an overwhelming disappointment of how business was being handled. I do understand this is a pandemic unlike any other situation we in this generation have ever faced before and I also only wanted to post some love in this climate, so here are some pics of wall art and signage in my city.

Stay very well err’body. Much love to you all.